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You might know me by my other name, Sammy Way!

I started making jewelry alongside Mateo Way (The Stone Demuhn), a few years ago, and the little hobby that we shared has since turned out to be something I very much enjoy!  I absolutely love creating unique one-of-a-kind jewelry out of exotic materials to fit each beautiful individual that comes to me with an idea.  <3

I offer:

  • Round, Oval, and Teardrop Labrets
  • Single Flared Plugs for Large Gauge Cartilage, Ear Lobes, Nostrils, etc.
  • Double Flared Plugs 
  • Custom Options Such As Faceted Fronts, Shaped Flares, Custom Sizing, etc. Welcome Upon Request!

If I can make it, and make it look good, I'm all about it! 

I'm most well known for fabricating extremely comfortable large gauge lip jewelry, and I pride myself on doing so!  If you've never experienced one of my lip pieces, I encourage you to try them out!  Not only will you be rocking a gorgeous handmade stone piece, but your teeth and gums will thank you for it.  In my experience, you never really know what feels good until you've worn something better the last one you give it a shot!  You won't regret it!

I've collaborated on jewelry projects with my brother for Blessings To You this past Spring in his line of weight designs. If you love unique weighted jewelry, CHECK IT OUT!

The jewelry on this site is made by my hands alone, in my studio in Santa Cruz, California.  Every piece is hand polished from start to finish (I don't use a tumbler), so each piece has a lot of labor and love invested in it.  Support homemade, handmade craftspeople making body jewelry proudly here in the USA!